Vision & Mission

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Vision Statement
To Create A Spiritually Connected Community Of Committed Discples
Our Mission
Our mission to serve Jesus comes down to three words: Worship, Walk, Welcome



        Worship is more than a set of songs performed, but worship is a lifestyle. Romans 12:1 reveals that it is the sacrifice of ourselves that escalates to the true worship of God. Before we can do anything else, we must seek to worship Christ with every aspect of our lives. The reason we commit our lives to the betterment of His church is because we understand that our lives are about His worship. As a church we seek to bring honor to God with the worship of our lives. We commit to worship Him as a church family because God desires that we worship Him as one family. Our goal at Cheniere is that everything we do would be out of worship. 



        We are called to more than a superficial relationship; but to walk with Christ daily. We desire to pursue Christ intimately so that we may both know and serve Him better. As the disciples walked with Christ to prepare for their future ministry, we walk with Christ so that we may be better equipped to disciple others around us. As Ephesians 4:1 says, We are striving to walk in a manner that is worthy of the calling that Christ has given us. By dying to ourselves, He gives us the opportunity to walk in Him. As a church we seek to Walk in Christ so that He may show us how to lead a life of righteousness.  When we are submitting to walk with Christ daily; we are making it less about us, and more about Him. Our Goal at Cheniere is to walk in Christ so that we may never lose sight of His vision.


         We have a desire to welcome others into our lives so that they may be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Matthew 25:40 reveals that Christ has called us to serve the least of these; and that by doing so we are serving Him. As a church, we seek to welcome others out of love; understanding that  it is Christ’s love for us that enables us to love others. Under the Lord’s guidance, we use all that He has blessed us with to bless those who need to know Him. The Holy Spirit uses us to Usher people to the feet of Jesus, so that He may cleanse them. Our goal is that God would not only use us to help bring them in; but would also use us to help disciple them to the point that they begin to: “Worship, Walk, & Welcome.”

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